Drug to Combat AddictionIbogaine is a known substance that is known to induce auditory and visual hallucinogen among its users. Substance addiction is one of the problems that this new drug is being tested for. Ibogaine is an herbal extract that triggers the body’s self-healing capabilities. Apart from using Ibogaine for heroin addiction, it has also been used to treat other medical physical and mental conditions.

Ibogaine, a hallucinogen

Ibogaine is the active chemical compound from the West African psychedelic shrub called iboga, Ibogaine Clinic explains. It is a known hallucinogen that takes it users into a trip concerning a wide range of emotions. When taken in small doses, Ibogaine works in the body as a mild stimulant. But, when used in high dosage, it induces a powerful hallucination.

The iboga plant has been used by West African communities for religious purposes, believing that the plant has properties that speed up the healing process of the body.

How Ibogaine helps with addiction

Several treatment studies using Ibogaine has found out that when used on opiate addicts in high doses, it can significantly lessen their withdrawal symptoms. Patients report that there is a decrease in their craving for substances, albeit for a temporary period.

Side effects

Despite the positive results, there are also many side effects that come with this promising new drug. According to recent studies, Ibogaine causes severe nausea and vomiting, numbness in some areas of the skin, and prolonged hallucinations. Most auditory and visual hallucinations last for about 20 hours in a single dose of the drug. Users also reported anxiety and general physical discomfort when under the influence of Ibogaine.

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Ibogaine is a promising new drug that could help treat several types of addiction as well as different physical and mental conditions. It is a compound extracted from a West African plant, which triggers the self-healing abilities of the body. When taken by substance-dependent individuals, it was reported that their craving for harmful substances was greatly reduced.

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