an engagement ringNow that you have found the one that you would like to spend the rest of your life with, you naturally want to ask your beloved’s hand in marriage. After talking to your partner’s parents and perhaps a few of her closest friends, you are ready for the proposal.

You have the clearest idea of how you want the proposal to be — simple and intimate, reflective of the kind of relationship you have. The only thing to be concerned about is the engagement ring. With many jewelry shops where you can buy your engagement ring in Salt Lake City such as AAA Jewelers, it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Here are three important questions that you need to ask yourself.

What is my budget?

Before you step into a jewelry shop, it is important to have a clear price range in mind. Having a budget enables the jeweler to limit your options to those rings that are within the price range. The notion that an engagement ring’s price is a testament to how much you love your partner is misplaced.

Your partner would sure appreciate that you are being responsible for your purchase and finance, a trait that would serve you as you build a family together.

What does my partner want?

You would want to choose an engagement ring in Salt Lake City that is consistent with your beloved’s personal style and preferences. Remember, an engagement ring is something that a person will likely wear in their lifetime so it is essential that they like it.

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What is my partner’s ring size?

Now that you’ve zeroed in on a style, it is essential that the ring fits. If your love has a ring that she isn’t wearing, you’ve got your problem solved for you. If she is not much of a ring wearer, you would have to approximate based on her height and bone structure.

If you are unsure, asking a seasoned jeweler always helps.

Spending the rest of your life with the one is one of life’s greatest blessings. Ensure that your proposal is extra special by asking yourself these three questions before purchasing an engagement ring.

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