Beef Soup With VegetableThere's a regular beef soup, and then there's a great beef soup that your guests or family would go on and on about. So, how do you tell the difference between the two?

The secret is in the ingredients you use. Would you go for a beef soup that’s filling but lacking in taste, or would you go for a thicker soup that’s brimming with flavor? Here are the ingredients that should do the trick:

Throw in a bone

In one recipe, Epicurious highlighted adding in a bone to flavor the beef soup. “The longer you cook this nourishing broth, the more savory and concentrated it will become,” the recipe website said. To give your soup more body, they also recommend roasting the bones or vegetables before adding them to the simmering soup.

Go all the way with the veggies

If you’re going to add vegetables for your beef soup, then don’t hold off on the veggies at all. This recipe from did a good job of mixing and matching green veggies such as celery, cabbage and kale and herbs with a beef soup base to create a hearty and healthy soup.

Of course, if you’re in a hurry and that’s not enough, Custom Culinary added that you can give your soup flavor some depth with the use of a high-quality beef soup base. There are a number of good brands out there on the market that are worthy of being added to your soup.

Make it Italian

Nothing beats an Italian dish-inspired soup. The intense herbal flavors balanced by the saltiness of cheese and chicken; this kind of soup will definitely make mouths water. For this soup from All Recipes, the thickening agent was the seashell pasta, breadcrumbs, and the Parmesan cheese. The basil gives the dish a minty hint, balancing out the stronger flavors of the vegetables, cheese, and chicken.

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With the above-mentioned guide, you can trust that your soup will provide an excellent foundation for your lunch or dinner menu.

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