Invisalign and Your Smile in UKSelf-esteem, as Psychology and Sociology define it, is the reflection of a person’s overall subjective, emotional evaluation. It is both parts judgment and attitude of oneself, encompassing inwards beliefs and feelings.

In Social Psychology (2007), Smith and Mackie describe self-esteem by stating how ‘self-concept’ is how we think about the self, while ‘self-esteem’ is how we feel about the self after positive and negative evaluations. As a social psychological construct, self-esteem is an attractive trait due to its capacity to influence various outcomes in a person’s life.

Self-Esteem: On the Value of Being Confident

As a network with over 40 independent dental practitioners located across the UK, MiSmile provides Invisalign reviews — a predictive showcasing of the treatment’s efficacy. With before and after photos as evidence, there is nothing to worry about upon reviewing the stories of people like Selina Hearn, one of their featured patients.

Admit it or not, as it may seem shallow to some, but the smile of a person is quite the significant facet of anyone’s face. You are not to blame if you, more often than not, feel embarrassed or self-conscious about having ungodly teeth. Studies across the world have proven how people go through and experience issues concerning their self-esteem due to having bad teeth.

For these reasons, Invisalign exists as a solution to better one’s smile, and vis-à-vis, one’s life.

Invisalign and Your Smile

Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that uses a unique thermoplastic material to create a virtually invisible teeth straightening treatment, customised for your comfort. It is a clear and removable aligner, replaced every two weeks until your teeth reach their proper positions.

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The main difference between regular braces and Invisalign is most visible in the patient’s experience. There are no unsightly and bothersome brackets and wires, just a series of aligners every couple of weeks.

Hearn cites how much of an impact Invisalign has had on her life. After her treatment, she now likes smiling, going out and enjoying herself—a proof of confidence and improved sense of self-esteem. This is how it should be, do you not agree?

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