Invisalign in OxfordCrooked teeth are never in fashion and not only do they look unsightly, they may also affect how you actually use your mouth. The fact that the teeth are not in their proper place means you will have a difficult time actually cleaning them, and this means you are also more susceptible to contracting periodontal diseases.

Traditional braces are the solution to crooked teeth and though they do their function well, these braces tend to stick out and look unattractive – not to mention often uncomfortable to wear.

Luckily for you, there is an attractive and more comfortable alternative to traditional braces – invisible aligners.

Invisible Braces

Invisible aligners such as Invisalign essentially perform the same role as conventional braces – they are both specifically designed and fitted to correct crooked or misaligned teeth over a certain period of time. The main difference is that, as their name suggests, these aligners are almost invisible to the naked eye.

MiSmile and other Invisalign providers in Oxford recommend these invisible braces to patients who have concerns with how they will look as their teeth get corrected. Unlike traditional braces that boast awkward-looking and often unsightly metal parts, these aligners are clear and transparent.

The only way another person will know if you are wearing them is when you tell them or they get really close to inspect your teeth.

Enhancing aesthetics is not the only thing these invisible braces boast, though. Unlike their metal counterparts, these aligners are removable at any time. This makes cleaning your teeth and your braces easier, and there is less chance that bits of food will get stuck and stain your teeth.

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A More Comfortable Way to Straighten Your Teeth

One of the lesser known disadvantages of traditional braces is how they are made. These have wires and other protruding metallic bits that may scratch and even wound the insides of your teeth, specifically your gums and the walls of your mouth. The added pressure in terms of actually installing the braces in your mouth also exerts force on your teeth, which in turn may affect their durability.

These problems do not exist when you wear invisible braces. The way these aligners are made results in a smoother and more comfortable fit to your teeth with no protruding metal bits – no sharp edges that may scratch and wound your gums.

If you are looking to correct your teeth, consider Invisalign invisible braces as an alternative to conventional braces. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and near-invisible to the naked eye, they are also more comfortable to wear.

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