Girl with Anorexia A psychological eating disorder, which could also be life-threatening is known as Anorexia. This affects the physical state of the person caused by extreme low body weight due to abnormal eating habits.

What Causes Anorexia

Anorexia is caused by a number of factors which could include both environmental and biological. Some of the environmental factors that cause a person to have anorexia could be due to stereotype. People’s common mentality is that thin women or men are more attractive than those on the heavier side. Another is peer pressure which pushes someone to be thin. While biological factors that contribute to anorexia are genetics, irregular hormone functions and deficiency with nutrition.

Some of the symptoms and signs that a person with Anorexia may include extreme dieting despite being underweight, being obsessed with calories and fat intake, fixation with food and its contents and serving size, irregular menstruation for women, depression, hair loss and avoiding socializing.

How Anorexia Can Be Treated

Treatments of Anorexia have different components such as medical, nutritional and through therapy. If you suspect someone you know who could have this disorder, he or she should seek the help of a professional treatment.

First, it is important that the person is diagnosed properly through addressing health issues. Then the patient is advised with a nutritional plan. This should help regain and restore all the nutrients he lost. And of course, therapy, which recognizes what caused the eating disorder in the first place. It also helps the patient cope with a normal eating habit and deal with his emotions properly. The whole process usually involves the help of medical doctors, dietitians and therapists.

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If anorexia is left untreated, it will affect the quality of life. So do not let this disorder happen to you or someone you love. It is important to be aware and be able to stop it from taking over your life.

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