Child With Her DentistLike adults, children – from infants to teenagers – need proper dental care, and require regular visits to the dentist. A pediatric dentist specializes in providing dental care for kids.

Here are some reasons that make taking your child to a South Bend pediatric dental clinic like Mahoney Family Dentistry important:

Specialized Training

A pediatric dentist specializes in providing oral healthcare for children. Thus they are more qualified than regular dentists to handle dental problems that commonly affect children such as over-retained baby teeth, tooth decay, cavities, and wisdom teeth (for teenagers and older kids). The pediatric dentist is also trained to administer sedation to younger patients going through intensive dental procedures. Two to three years of additional training in child growth, development, and psychology, is required after dental school to become a pediatric dentist.

Experience in Calming Children

Working with kids every day allows pediatric dentists to become very familiar with common concerns that kids face when visiting the dentist. Thus, they can design their treatment approaches to address these concerns. They can calm children down, and make them comfortable during treatments than regular dentists. Likewise, they staff their clinics with child-friendly employees.

Habit Counseling

Some children develop bad oral habits like teeth grinding and thumb sucking. A South Bend pediatric dentistry practitioner can help your child get rid of these habits. He will sit down with your child and teach about the need to break these harmful habits.

Making Dental Care Fun

A good pediatric dentists sets up his office to fit the taste of his young patients. Thus, a typical pediatric dental office is colorful and adorned with fun themed decorations like outer space or aquatic life. The waiting area usually features fun options for kids that are waiting for their turn to see their dentist.

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The ideal pediatric dentist can make your child see dental appointments as having fun and something to look forward to.

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