car racingSpeed has a special place in any man’s heart (or mind), especially when he is on the driver’s seat of a car.  Even the most laid-back guy may have craved to hit the road in tire-shredding speed at one point of his life.

You don’t need a car, however, to achieve the incredible speed that would give you extreme satisfaction. You can opt for a boat or a light aircraft instead. To tread the waters, 801 Power Sports recommends high-speed boats and jet skis that will quench the thirst of speed demons. To conquer the air, speed chasers can get onboard a light sports airplane to zoom around with extraordinary speed.

Overwhelming Need for Speed

According to an article about why people take risks, the sensation of going fast creates a rush made by neurotransmitters like endorphins and dopamine. Speed gives an exhilarating and happy feeling. This explains why going fast is quite addictive, too. The more dopamine speed squeezes out of your brain, the more you crave for speed. It’s essentially the same effect stimulating drugs, like cocaine and methamphetamine, are trying to achieve.

Scientists have studied the brain mechanisms that are responsible for one’s willingness to take risks, and among them is the brain chemical dopamine. The neurotransmitter was found to be a huge factor in risk-taking and learning new skills. Research states that people who don’t produce enough dopamine often struggle with apathy and the lack of motivation.

Fascinating Quest for Thrill

Going for overwhelming speed is based on the idea that humans are a species of “sensation seekers”. Research by psychologist Martin Zuckerman says impulsive sensation-seeking is a basic characteristic people as a species have. It is that need for thrill and adventure that hard-wires men to go as fast as  their passenger or the laws of physics let them.

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Many men admit to forgetting deadlines, home repairs and bills while experiencing the fast lane; it’s like they go into a deep trance as they control the powerful forces of speed. This gives a feeling of accomplishment when done right and the thrilling afterthought of danger when done wrong.

The thrill-seeking sensation and the chemical action of the brain combined push men to go to insane levels of speed. While science does not excuse men’s breakneck driving, it helps explain why somebody would take the risk to drive fast just for the heck of it. 

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