Face close up shot of a womanYour skin will indicate if you are not moisturising enough, you just have to listen to it. You need not worry if you think you have dry skin because this happens to any skin type and age. This is the reason your older sister always taught you to integrate moisturising products into your routine, like a body moisturiser with sunscreen from Bali Body.

The common indicators listed here will mean that you do not moisturise enough, which could lead to a more severe disorder besides getting dry skin.

Your Complexion Looks Dull

Alan M. Dattner, a holistic dermatologist and ‘Radiant Skin from the Inside Out’ author, explains what dull complexion means for you. He says that your skin is dry because light reflects on your skin’s uppermost layers. On the contrary, you will not be able to see similar depth when you properly hydrate the said layers of your skin. Regularly moisturising will fulfil your desire for a more glowing skin.

You Have Cracked Makeup

Dry days or seasons always ruin your lipstick because your lips get cracked and caked. The case is similar when you put on powders and concealers on your dry skin for it will cause cracked makeup.

As clarified by sources from News Health, cracked makeup is an indication that you need to moisturise more. The skin beneath your makeup is way too dry, and it will suck out moisture in all directions. This means that your skin will dry out of the air because of the water absorption from such products.

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Amp up your moisturising game by looking out for the signs of having dehydrated skin. You can easily resolve these issues by adding moisturising products in your skin care regimen. It is essential that you examine your habits to get the ideal solution for your skin.

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