Facts About Dental Hygienists in IndianapolisGoing to the dentist is tons of fun. You sit on the big dental chair and wait for the magic to happen.

In just a few moments, you’ll say goodbye to the broken tooth caused by cavities, yellow stains or stubborn plaque through regular cleaning. But, for people who need to have a root canal treatment, the experience can be a tad tingly.

Good thing, there are dental hygienists whom you can talk to before the treatment starts. They are knowledgeable dental workers who know a thing or two about polishing and scaling teeth. They also provide cool tips on cleaning them.

While many trust what the hygienist says, some don’t even have a clue what they actually do. So, here are some facts about the dental hygienists to know about.

They’re State-Certified Professionals

Dental hygienists go through a unique set of programs to get a state certification. As far as dental knowledge and technical skill goes, a hygienist has the same theory and foundation as dentists. You can rely on them for great-to-know information about your oral health care.

They Prioritize Preventive Work than Treatment

Apart from therapeutic services such as polishing and scaling teeth, hygienists address the causes of dental problems before these go out of hand. As the profession’s name suggests, hygienists teach their patient's proper dental practices to keep their teeth healthy.

They’re Virtually Everywhere

A dental hygienist’s job is one of the most sought-out professions in the industry, expected to increase by 33% until 2022. But, they often only work as a part-timer to help out in other areas. Their service areas include clinics, hospitals, prison facilities, nursing homes, and schools.

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They Can Do More Than Just Provide Dental Support

With the increasing shortage of dentists, there is now a growing support that aims to allow dental hygienists initiate specific treatments independently. By doing so, the prices of dental care can hopefully go down to accommodate lower-income families.

With practically the same background as a dentist, a dental hygienist can perform simple treatments to help a lot of people.

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