A Girl Wearing GlassesThere isn’t anything we can’t buy online these days. Big Commerce reported that online orders increased 8.9 percent in Q3 2016. These stats include eyeglasses for sale online.

Most glasses sold online have undergone precise quality control tests to guarantee that customers receive the best quality eyewear product. Also, retailers online provide optical frames that are not only fashionable but are also practical.

So, what do you need to do before you buy glasses online?

Prescription ready

Before buying glasses online, it is imperative to have your prescription ready. Make an appointment with your eye clinic or optometrist so you’ll have the details of not only your prescription type but also your metric numbers. There are several types of prescriptions such as the reading glasses, computer, distance, bifocal, trifocal, progressive, etc.

Frame Size

The glasses should, of course, suit the shape of your face. The frames have three primary measurements, which are the temple size, the bridge size and the eye size. You can use your favourite pair of frames at home as a reference. The measurements are often engraved on the inside temple of your frames. But you can also visit an opticians to figure out your sizing measurements and requirements.

The Shape of Your Face

As mentioned above, the frames should compliment your facial features. The heart-shaped or triangular face should opt for a fine and oval shaped frame. Those with a round face should choose angular frames. An angular face looks best with rounded frames. People with oval face look good in any shape of frames.

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Some faces are diamond shaped with high cheekbones and narrow jaws. They are recommended to wear cat-eye or oval-shaped frames. Frames that would make their face appear shorter or would add width to their face are the best for people with oblong-shaped faces.

It’s not surprising that you can buy high-quality glasses for sale online at bargain prices. When you have these details ready, buying glasses online isn’t a hard task at all.



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