Little Girl on a Dental ClinicDental visits of toddlers can be a nightmare. Tantrums are a common scenario most parents dread to experience. The good news? It is normal, and there are ways you can do to prevent that.

Family dental clinics in St. Paul like Austin Family Dental can not only help you and your husband with your dental needs but can also help your toddler an exciting dental experience. Here are some ways to help your children overcome their fear of dental visits.

Tips to help your kids overcome their fear of dentist 

1. Prepare

Prep time differs from one child to another. Some can confidently go after a week of talking and preparation while others take months or years even. Do not give up. Preparation, through explanation, demonstration, and even role play impacts your child more than you imagine.

2. Find the right dentist

Find a family dentist that also specializes in pediatric dentistry. The right dentist would know which type of approach to take to gain the trust of your child and eventually have a smooth dental visit.

3. Check their staff

Aside from knowing the dentist, it is also important to check their staff. They play a huge role in your child’s dental visits and may affect your child’s perception of the whole experience. Friendly staff who knows how to make friends with your child is usually a good sign.

4. See their clinic ambiance

A clinic that has bright painted walls, as well as toys and books for your kids to pass the time with, is a good choice. The ambiance plays a huge role in affecting your child’s mood and the whole dental appointment.

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5. Use reward system

Some dentists use the reward system and give children a candy or toy after a successful dental visit. You may opt to use this method as well to encourage your children.

The right steps can make the visit a memorable one, not just for your child but you as well.

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