FeetWhile some people are comfortable talking about their more intimate moments, some find it difficult to do so. Not only does the topic seem shallow, sometimes it comes off as only dirty talk. What most people overlook, however, is that talking about it can be beneficial to the marriage by improving how things unfold in the bedroom.

If you have reservations about sex therapy, trusted and well-known sex therapists in Denver advise engaging in pillow talk.

Sure, sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is an aspect that, subconsciously or not, will affect interaction between you and your partner.

You know that moment you get in bed and prepare to end the day? That is the perfect time for pillow talk, as it reeks of honesty and vulnerability. Take the opportunity to talk about the intimacy between you and your partner — maybe even make a move to get out of a rut or keep things going.

More Satisfying

Just because you are laying in the dark does not mean you have to be kept in it, too. Talk about what you like and listen to what your partner has to say. Remember it and apply it in the bedroom.

This heightens the intimacy between the two of you, and nothing is as satisfying as satisfying your better half — both on the streets and in the sheets.

Keeping your better half satisfied with good sex definitely makes for a better and stronger relationship.

More Intimacy

Secrets and private conversations contribute to a more intimate relationship. Without a heightened level of intimacy, sharing the act of love will not be pleasurable for both of you.

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Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for your afterglow. It promotes feelings of love and strengthens the feeling of connectedness. The hormone production is linked to sexual satisfaction, making it a key factor in maintaining and propagating intimacy in the relationship.

Bask in the mood and share thoughts post-coitus and talk about what you liked and what you would possibly like. The act alone will make you feel closer to your partner.

Take the time after you’ve gone down from your high for some pillow talk and see better days for both your sex life and your relationship.

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