RetanersGetting braces is the most practical treatment to get when you’re suffering from the repercussions of crooked teeth. The treatment itself can be uncomfortable at times, but getting used to it is not impossible.

But an orthodontic treatment does not end with the removal of braces. There should be some sort of maintenance treatment that will keep the properly aligned teeth from reverting to their old position. This is where retainers come in handy.

Below are the reasons you need to get retainers:

Keeps the Benefit in Place

Once the braces are removed, the properly aligned teeth run the risk of getting back into their old positions. This is caused by mechanical forces, such as chewing and talking. Retainers will keep the alignment in place despite the teeth’s contact with these mechanical forces.

In some occasions, retainers are prescribed for people who are dealing with problems, such as tongue thrust. This happens when the tongue gets in contact with the back of the incisors when a person speaks and swallows. Some retainers are designed to control the tongue from moving forward during these activities.

Helps Deal with TMJ

Some people who have braces often suffer from TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. This is characterized by pains in jaw joints. Repercussions include bruxism or involuntary tooth grinding. With retainers, your mouth will not be closed down, thus preventing the upper and lower teeth from getting in contact with each other.

When it comes to getting retainers, it pays that you get the appliance from the same orthodontist who applied your braces. You may have to go through a fitting process, which is similar to the procedure done in fitting your braces. Depending on your orthodontist, you can have a design applied to your retainers. This makes self-expression possible while you complete the last phase of your orthodontic treatment.

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