Qualities of a Good PhysicianBecoming a doctor isn’t all about good grades and one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s also about great skills and characteristics that support patients and the healthcare industry as a whole. If you’re looking to hire a new physician, below are the qualities you should look for.

Knows How to Collaborate and Cooperate

Being a physician requires utmost collaboration and cooperation not only with fellow healthcare workers but with patients as well. A good physician must know how to find compromises, welcome ideas, and work around diverse situations. He or she must have an open mind and the willingness to learn.

Possesses Strong Listening Skills

Listening does not only mean hearing but understanding the message as a whole. Physicians must possess this characteristic as this dictates their job and the wellness of their patients. Every situation in a hospital or clinic calls for proper listening skills, especially during emergencies.

Encourages Communication

A good physician is also a good leader that encourages communication within his or her team. Most physician staffing companies say that bad communication among healthcare workers jeopardizes not only their jobs but the wellbeing of their patients as well. Find a physician that encourages communication and speaks out when needed.

Possesses Self Confidence and Mental Resilience

Every worker must be confident at work but physicians need the characteristic the most. Having self-confidence builds hope, which patients need especially during difficult health situations. Apart from this, confidence also assures other healthcare workers that everything is going to be alright. Mental resilience, on the other hand, builds the balance during unexpected medical situations.

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Practices Work-Life Balance

Physicians are hard workers but they need work-life balance, too. The stress brought by hospital or clinic work is high, which is why doctors must know when to find time for fun and relaxing activities. Find a physician that understands the importance of his job as well as his time with family and friends.

It may be difficult to find a good physician but by doing one-on-one interviews, considering referrals, and working with a good recruitment agency, you may just find the doctor that fits the bill.

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