Root Canal Procedure in IndianapolisNo one likes to undergo the pain and hassle of dental procedures. But things need to be done. So, this article shares a few quick home remedies to help you get through the first few days of post root canal procedure.

Find relief with these simple things you can find at home without spending too much:

  1. Ice Pack

The classic ice pack works in soothing down inflammation and pain. Just put an ice pack on your cheeks where the procedure is done. You should find relief after 5-10 minutes.

  1. Salt Water

Another remedy for mouth problems is the classic saltwater solution. Gargling salt-water solution twice to thrice a day can help relieve swelling and bacteria from forming.

  1. Alcohol

Soaking the newly operated part with alcoholic beverages for some time can quicken the healing process. The good news? You can drink it too, but only a minimal amount.

  1. Soft diet

Stick to soft food that would not put too much pressure on your teeth. Also, stick to food that is not rich in taste (i.e. spicy and peppery food), as it may trigger pain. Drinking milk and eating high protein food can help you heal faster.

  1. Elevated sleeping

Putting on an extra pillow when you sleep can help the blood flow better throughout your body and away from your affected teeth. This can spare the affected area from increased blood pressure and pain.

Though home remedies can be done, seeking help from dentists if you think there are serious complications in your root canal procedures should be a priority.

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