Wedding cakes and pastries in a tableNew Yorkers spent the fifth biggest amount on weddings in 2017 at an average of $35,477, including the bride’s dress and engagement ring, according to a report.

The amount overshadowed the average budget of around $5,500 among Europeans for the same occasion. While weddings are special, there are several ways to cut corners without sacrificing the quality of your big day.

Wiser Choices

Some online jewelry stores in New York, such as Kravit Jewelers, offer special rates depending on the time of the year. Those who have a limited budget could still have an elegant ring at a cheaper price if they know how to pick the right one.

Millennials, in particular, should still shop around even with a $3,000 budget. Diamonds remain the most popular choice for an engagement band, so some experts suggested buying from a jeweler with a lower markup to get a bigger stone.

Choose the one with the lowest quality yet still appears expensive to the naked eye. A ring with less superior color and clarity will be more affordable, but it doesn’t have to be noticeable.

Destination Weddings

The advent of social media has made destination weddings more enticing for many couples, although you should be mindful of the states with a high cost for weddings. New York may be expensive, but Hawaii tops any other state with an average of $39,078 in the previous year.

The average prices of a dress and ring in the state also ranked as the least affordable in the country, but that didn’t stop more than 22,000 couples to exchange vows. Similarly, almost 138,000 people tied the knot in New York despite the high cost.

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A memorable wedding doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of debt. You could choose to spend the most on your wedding bands. It takes patience to find the right pair, although the money you will supposedly save will be useful for starting a stable married life.

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