YogaWith the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle, more and more people need to have their breathers. Life in the big cities has made things incredibly unforgiving with stress and exhaustion. If you are one of those people who toil at their jobs day in and day out, it is a good bet that you are nearing the brim. Just imagine: you have to finish that proposal, submit that report, or get orders delivered, et cetera. It can get the best of you, don’t you think? Sometimes, you can even forget how to take care of yourself in the process.

Fortunately for you though, there is still hope. It is just a simple matter of taking a step back, taking a deep breath and sort things out, before jumping into the fryer again. Relearn how to pace yourself with this guide, and restore your inner balance to help you get back in the grind with renewed strength.


The first step to recovering yourself is to acknowledge that you need to stop. Somewhere down the road when you are neck deep in work and stress, you have to tell yourself that you want a break – that you need a break. This said, finish (if you cannot completely drop it) whatever you are doing, and stop for a moment. Take a step back. Know that you need time for yourself. File for a leave and go on vacation. This is where it starts.


The second phase of recovering yourself is to simply have fun. Filter all information from your head and completely banish all thoughts of work from your mind. Start doing things you like. You can go for a retreat, take up healing courses such as Reiki healing courses or Yoga. Or you can go for a good workout. Sweating it out does lift your mood with the feel-good hormones. A hobby can also do you good. Whatever you choose to do, know that this is something you need. It is this phase that you realize that you have a life outside of your work. In doing so, your anxieties and stress will slowly decrease.

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Now that you have had a good breather whether if it’s for a week or just the weekend, you can now get back on the field. In the time you have spent by yourself, you have found your bearings and now slowly coming back to your strength. For your return, make a list of your resolutions, your newfound strengths, and convictions. Take these with you. The moment you get back to work, is the moment you get back in the grind with renewed fervor.

With everything that is going around, sometimes all you need is a step back and a moment to collect yourself. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Indulge yourself occasionally, and find your balance once more. Face the world reinvigorated.

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