man installing thermal insulation at homeIf you ask Energy Star, the most effective means of raising your home’s energy efficiency is to have a complete thermal enclosure system. It acts like a heat barrier to help regulate the temperature of your rooms using less electricity, gas, or oil.

Tackling a home window replacement in Salt Lake City, Portland, Minneapolis, or anywhere in America is one of the best ways to create such thermal blanket. Here’s how ENERGY STAR-rated windows can help reduce your household’s energy consumption:

Sealing the Gaps

Air sealing is a key element of any thermal enclosure system. A typical American home contains about a half-mile of gaps behind walls and around windows, wasting too much energy quietly.

Buying the right kind of windows can help make your home as airtight as possible. Select a framing material that doesn’t expand or contract a lot; this way, the unit wouldn’t crack with extreme temperature swings after many years.

In most cases, it’s imperative to buy made-to-order units to minimize the gaps between them and the openings. But if you choose to purchase stock products, hire a qualified contractor to ensure proper installation.

Boosting Insulation

ENERGY STAR-approved windows help prevent heat from passing through them, making it easier to maintain your desired indoor climate. They allow your HVAC system to run more efficiently since the thermostat wouldn’t demand for more energy for extended periods. To narrow your best product options down, check the National Fenestration Rating Council Rating label, and consider units with the lowest U-factor.

Reflecting Solar Heat

The sun is the number one heat source in almost any part of the United States. High-performance windows can render it less of a factor because they keep most of its infrared light from entering your rooms. In turn, your home wouldn’t warm up more quickly.

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Energy-efficient windows may cost more than units with basic features, but they’re worth the expense. When installed faultlessly, they can help reduce your home’s utility bills noticeably, and start paying for themselves beginning day one.

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