School Holiday ActivitiesSchool holidays can be an expensive time for your family. Most parents acknowledge that they spend more money during school holidays than any other times of the year.

Going to Brisbane with your family on school holidays is a great way to have a wonderful time and still save some money. Having fun with your kids has its benefits, depending on your budget and transport options, there are plenty of low-cost school holiday activities to enjoy.

Here are some of them.


Visit your local library and read your favourite book. Libraries also run other school holiday activities like arts and crafts and computer and simple electronic courses for older kids.

The Beach

Going to the beach, national park or river during the warmer months is a fun and free activity that the whole family can enjoy. Build sandcastles or go for a swim or a bush walk. Remember your sunscreen when you leave the house.

Go Fishing

For those with fishing gear, take your kids for fishing. This can be an enjoyable day out even if you don’t catch anything. Remember to make sure you get a fishing license.

Go to the Park

Take your kids to the local park. You can pack a picnic, walk the dog or fly a kite on a windy day. In Brisbane, the parks have a playground and climbing equipment as well as bike trails, cricket nets to use for free.

Free Jumping

This school holiday activity is a fun and contemporary way to improve movement skills such as kinaesthetic awareness and locomotion. Free jumping is not only a fun and exciting activity, it is also lets your child become as free as a bird and express themselves with the different movements.

You do not have to spend a fortune to spend time with your kids during a school holiday. People in Brisbane have discovered simple, but fun ways to spend a holiday. Join in and make some memories with your children before they grow up.

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