Emergency Room EntranceUrgent care provides ready treatment to most health issues but there are cases when other hospital units (e.g., ER, are the ones that need to be visited for more severe or complex problems).

Before going into an urgent care clinic in Eagle Mountain, be aware of some important facts that would help you decide whether you would need urgent care alone or be referred to a more appropriate facility.

Go during the middle of the day

Morning and early evening are the busiest in urgent care. Most patients would seek care before or after going to work or school. Also, late in the evening, expect more people to come in, since doctors’ clinics are already closed. At best, visit during the middle of the day to avoid these busy hours.

Do not call ahead

In urgent care, anyone can make a call and get information with your query about a burn or a nagging pain in the back, but most often than not, they would still ask you to come over to have a complete assessment of your problem. Doctors in urgent care must see the problem first before making any recommendations.

Go only if you have cuts, the flu, and other less serious issues

However, if you are bleeding from cuts (even some serious ones) or having the flu, come in any way. You would not want to wait in emergency care for hours just to have these simple problems treated.

However, some (more) serious cuts — those that go deep into your flesh, bone or tendon — requires ER help. For far more serious issues, like the onset of heart attack or stroke, go to the ER.

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Urgent care can provide most primary care needs, but they are not made to replace your primary care physician. When you are sick, urgent care will do its job, but to watch you over (when you are already well) and help you get healthier in the future is already the job of your doctor.

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