Corporate LookStarting over with a new job may be a burden to some people, but for women who have started over after a personal tragedy, having a second chance at a career is heaven-sent. New beginnings do require finances; you may have to invest in your new corporate look. Do consider these affordable options.

A Classy Office Tote – Despite your financial state, try to purchase from well-known brands since they are durable and can stay fashionable longer. This allows you to stick to one functional and prestigious bag until you get the means to purchase more. Try looking at garage sales, surplus shops for options or ask friends and family if they have such a bag that they are willing to sell to you.

Elegant but Functional Outfits – These you can get from either charity organizations, end-of-season sales or even request from friends and family at a fraction of their cost. Make sure you choose pieces that can be matched with other clothing items to create a professional but classy look. Be aware of cut, design and color so you can match them your body type, hair color and skin tone.

Affordable Jewelry – Executive and managerial positions, along with employment in sales and promotions do require accessories to enhance their appeal to clients and constituents. One option is to invest in more affordable jewelry sets such as Moissanite earrings from instead of diamond ones. They have very similar brilliance and hardness without the high price.

Durable Shoes – Simple but comfortable pumps or low-heeled footwear are a requirement for any office girl. However, find a durable pair that can be matched with any of your office outfits so you can economize on your shoe purchases while you still can afford to buy more. Black leather footwear is best for most management attires.

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Most, if not all, of these items, are a necessity and not merely a fashion statement. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what position or job you get. Looking good actually helps one heal and that is also important when starting a new life.

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