Woman holding in her hand fallen hair from her headStress-induced hair loss is a sad and unfortunate truth that affects many people, particularly adults in the UK. And while hair loss usually affects men, women can suffer from it as well.

Stress is always a bad thing. However, people cannot always avoid it, especially since stress-causing unforeseeable and unpreventable incidents can happen to anyone. However, the hair loss that it brings does not have to cause permanent damage.

This is especially true with today’s innovative FUT hair transplant procedures.

The FUT advantage

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) has quickly become one of the most popular hair restoration techniques nowadays, and for many good reasons.

The procedure involves transplanting the patient’s hair in naturally occurring follicular units – groups consisting of one to four hairs. These units, which contain essential components including a small muscle, oil glands, nerves, and sometimes, fine vellus hairs, create results that look as natural as possible.

Because Follicular Unit Transplantation allows surgeons to transplant safely these small units, they can perform the procedure using thousands of grafts in just one session. This then results in the maximisation of treatment’s cosmetic impact.

More advanced than other forms of hair transplant procedures

Traditional hair transplantation procedures involved the use of larger grafts. Because of this, the result usually looks unnatural and wig-like. But with an expertly carried out follicular unit transplant, you can expect the results to mimic the natural way your hair grows.

The authenticity of the outcome makes you look like you have not undergone any transplant at all.

Relieve yourself of stress and the stress of losing hair

Aside from the stress that has built up in you, seeing yourself lose a lot of hair on a daily basis further boosts these negative emotions. Before you suffer from even more hair loss, you should have this treated as soon as possible. This way, you can at least control some of the stress you feel.

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