Tan woman applying sunscreenThere is no better (and cheaper) way to get a tan than basking under the sun. But, the risks of having your tan under the sun is quite high. Luckily, there is an effective way to get that tan that would go well with your beach body.

A sunless tan is a term for using sun tan products from Bali Body UK to help you achieve that colour you have always wanted, minus the sun of course. While the health risks of having a sunless tan are lesser than basking under the sun, chances of not having the right shade that you want are still present. So, how can you have that perfect tan?

Tips on having the perfect sunless tan 

Know what your skin type is

The most important thing in having that perfect tan is to know your skin type. There are three basic skin types, dark, fair, and medium/olive. People who have dark skin are lesser prone to burning making it easier for them to have a traditional tan. As usual, exfoliating and keeping the skin hydrated is the key to get the right sunless tan.

Fair skinned people are prone to sunburns and skin damage. Finding sun tan products that have an adequate amount of SPF plus a bronzer to avoid looking orange is the best way to go. Medium skinned people can achieve the tan they want the easiest. Simply find the right shade for you, and you can see the results in no time.

Know Your Formula

Sun tan products come in different types. Spray, creams, gels, and towelettes are just among the products you can choose from. To achieve a perfect result, using a combination of different formulas, depending on your preference, works well.

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Apply It Correctly

These two things would be useless if your tanning product is not applied correctly. Make sure you prep your skin well, have the right tools, and patience to get the results that you want.

Getting that perfect tan, minus the sun is not at all impossible. By following these tips, you would be picture perfect for the summer season in no time.

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