Taking Care of Baby's EarsPerhaps, ears are among the least demanding parts of your body. Unlike teeth, they don’t require regular brushing. They don’t need to be cut like your hair. What you can actually do to keep them clean and healthy is wash them regularly or get rid of visible dirt.

Proper ear hygiene should be one of the first things you need to teach your kids about. The biggest concern you may have is the accumulation of earwax and how to get rid of it. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when it comes to these matters.

Explaining Ear Wax

Teach your kids that ear wax is not bad at all. Also known as cerumen, this wax produced by the ear canal keeps bacteria from spreading inside the ears. Furthermore, it also traps dirt and foreign objects that may enter the ear canal. However, earwax only gets problematic if it accumulates and affects hearing.

Cleaning Procedure

Show your kids how to clean the wax and dirt on the surface of the ears. You can use a moist cloth or tissue to rid the ears of it. Every after bath, ask your child to tilt their head to remove the water.

Do not let your child use cotton buds. Using a swab pushes back the excess wax, leading to accumulation. If your kid is complaining that they can’t hear properly, Columbia Basin Hearing Center recommends taking them to an audiology clinic for a check-up. Often, this problem is due to hardened earwax.

If your kid experiences Swimmer’s Ear, you may treat it using home remedies. Normally, these include white vinegar and warm compress. Should the infection get worse, take your kid to a reliable doctor specializing in ear health.

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A healthier body is one of the benefits of having clean ears. A more meaningful benefit, however, is it allows you to communicate well and in turn helps build a stronger relationship.

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