The Art of Collecting ArtLet’s face it, we hang almost anything on our walls. For some people, it can be giant bright-coloured letters, a large mirror, a vintage travel poster or photo collage wallpaper. For others, however, they find it relaxing when they see pieces of artwork hanging on their living room wall.

Building a collection of painting is nothing new in Australia. Industry professionals note that those who buy artworks that follow their heart tend to be the smartest collectors. But what really encourages them to collect?

The Motivation to Collect

Is it fame that inspires art collectors? Or is it a simple desire to make extra money? No matter what the cost, buying the right painting feels priceless. If you’re planning to acquire some art prints Brisbane collectors recommend, your gut feeling may lead to the best buys.

As The Telegraph explains, “Collecting nearly always derives from a passionate interest, rather than a desire to make money. At the start, it may not even be thought of as collecting at all. But once you’ve started, it can be very nearly impossible to stop. In almost every collection there is usually one object that is especially cherished, and that object is often the collector’s first-ever purchase.”

For the Love of Breathtaking Walls

Most collectors started out with decorating boring walls, but this has quickly turned into a passion for collecting artworks. The bare walls act as a perfect canvas to make an aesthetic that is uniquely theirs, as it has a touch of their personalities.

To collect art wisely, one needs to master the basic skills. The first one is the ability to conduct extensive research and evaluate every artwork. The second one is choosing individual work to effectively form a meaningful grouping.

Art, without a doubt, is a great way to spark a conversation about ideas, experiences or societies. Many collectors claim that a worthy art collection must have a consistent theme to avoid confusion and regrets in the long run.

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