Orthodontist checking teethIt would be great if all the relationships in your life were effortless. Even if not all of them can be, the one you have with your dentist could be. If you know what to expect from a great dentist then you can make sure the one you choose will meet or exceed your expectations.

High standards

When you are looking for a dentist in Bromley, ensure you check that they have high standards across the board. A good starting place is to check that the members of their team are members of the General Dental Council. This means that they are qualified and adhere to strict standards. It also means that their skills are up to date. All UK dentists are required to be members and submit evidence of their continuing professional development at regular intervals. If your dentist is good at what they do, they will be pleased to show you any qualifications or statistics about their work that you want to see.

Your trip to the dentist starts the minute you walk through the door. You want to feel welcome and listened to by the support team as well as your dentist. The environment is also important. Most patients are looking for a practice that is clean, modern and comfortable.


Find a dentist you can feel you can talk to about your needs. You may just want them for routine check-ups and hygiene at the moment, but consider what you might require in the future. If you need extensive work or want to consider a cosmetic dental treatment then you will need to have good communication with your dentist. You can explain what you want and they will give you skilled guidance about your treatment options.

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When you choose a treatment, ensure that you have detailed information about your appointments and any costs that are involved from the start. While there may be changes along the way, your dentist should be able to predict the course of your treatment with a high degree of accuracy in most cases.


Sometimes, you will not be aware of all the procedures that you can choose from. Your dentist can make recommendations, but you want to be sure that they are picking the appropriate options for you. To gain confidence, you can check their previous work, testimonials from patients and even reviews on independent sites.

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