Cowboy Leather BootsWhen it comes to footwear, men must invest in the essentials and classics. Normally, a man’s shoe wardrobe may contain white sneakers, penny loafers, derbies, and oxfords. But if you are a little adventurous, a pair of boots, whether of worker or western style, will be seen.

If you already have a pair of leather boots in your wardrobe, you must be having some fun wearing them. Other than being durable, leather boots are a pretty flexible pair, especially if you have an active lifestyle at a farm or even in an urban setting.

To lengthen the lifespan of your boots, there are actually some things you need to do, according to CINCH clothing.

Get shoe trees

Leather is susceptible to drinking and deformation. It is a normal reaction to its environmental factors. What you need to do to keep your leather boots from having too many wrinkles is by using shoe trees. Shoe trees will help keep the shape of your leather by mimicking the natural shape of feet.

Use the right treatments

While leather is pretty easy to clean, that does not mean that you will just wipe it with anything that your friends recommend. Every leather type is unique, so you must make sure that the cleaning polish you use suits it (ask your cobbler about it). Nevertheless, it is important that you use conditioner to avoid it from cracking.

Waterproof them, if possible

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of leather. As such, you need to condition it with waterproofing. Take note, however, that some waterproofing substances are not good for leather. Some brands may even cause the damage to your leather.

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These are only some ways you can take care of your leather boots (and other shoes, too!). Ask your cobbler for more practical pieces of advice.

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