The Life at SeaThe navy protects the country and defends its way of life from intruders and unwanted threats. Many see them as heroes, so they dream of joining and becoming part of the Navy. It is best to know if you are ready for this career or not, however. Some people are fit for the navy both physically and mentally, while others are less so. Here is a short guide to help you understand it more:

The Training

Before becoming an official part of the navy, you have to develop the necessary skills. You need to attend boot camps that will help develop your potential and give you opportunities to lead and command. Basic training sessions are highly physical in nature to help you pass the fitness standards. At the same time, you will learn skills that can help save your and your comrades’ lives.

The latter part of your training may focus on the specific career you want — naval officers, naval warfare system engineers and experts, naval divers and military medical experts (underwater).

The Ranks

As a maritime nation, Singapore’s lifeline and link to the rest of the world is the sea. By joining the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) of the Singapore Armed Forces branch, a naval officer may reach ranks and receive badges like the following within their 50 years of service:

  • 2nd Lieutenant (2LT), Lieutenant (LTA), Captain (CPT)
  • Major (MAJ), Lieutenant Colonel (LTC), Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC)
  • Colonel (COL), Rear-Admiral (RADM) with one or two stars
  • Naval Warfare Badge – expertise in maritime warfare
  • Naval Diver’s Badge – specialises in diving
  • Submariner’s Badge – for skilled submariners

Know what you are getting yourself into before applying. Joining the navy is an ideal way to serve the country, but you should know if you are fit for the job. The government encourages those who are interested, so why not join some training sessions or apply for an internship to see first-hand if this is the right career for you.

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