Travelling to LondonTravelling to London can indeed be the trip of a lifetime. For locals and tourists alike, there are many reasons why they call Great Britain “great”. Ranging from the sights and sounds, the culture and history, to the vast culinary world it offers, there is something to satisfy your traveller’s wonderluwanderlusthether you are a student on an educational trip or a professional on vacation, do not let this opportunity go to waste. Here are the top three things you should experience to make the most of the trip.

The Food

With Great Britain being a vast colonial power in its day, it has assimilated in itself the many cultures of the countries it once had under its dominion. And with culture, comes food. That, coupled with immigration has contributed to making British food great. The capital of the UK is home to a vast culinary world, with restaurants of cuisines such as Thai, Malay, Chinese, Indian, French, and several others. Have a taste of the world with every one of these. But if you are not feeling going over the fence, you can always settle for classic British food. Fish and chips, anyone?

The Culture

Great Britain makes it as a go-to destination because of its rich culture. From the home of classic Shakespearean plays to classy festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Take note of the nearest tourist site once you book your stay at the many hostels that cater to travellers, according to LHA London. Visit the London Eye, the National Gallery or the British Museum and have your fill of the incredible culture for you to experience.

The History

As a global power, Great Britain has participated in history-changing events in both the past and the present. With it comes a list of great historic sites. Visit the Westminster Abbey to see a flurry of architectural styles that is a reflection of the country’s rich history. If you want a history lesson, a trip to the Tower of London should give you an interesting one, seeing as how many historic events – mostly gruesome ones – have taken place here. But if you want a lasting spectacle, you should see the traditional Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. With an abundance of sights and places to go, you will not be bored. And if you are a close student of history, the UK’s capital will be a treasure trove of experiences for you.

With everything to experience in the heart of the UK, you had better pack your bags and book your travel plans now! Enjoy your trip.

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