mouthBad breath can really cramp your style. Anyone can suffer from this oral problem — even those who religiously practice good oral hygiene often find themselves with stinky breath. What gives?

Certain food can cause bad breath, but others can create the major turn off for your mouth. Here are the top five culprits of bad breath:

  1. A Nasty Smoking Habit and Too Much Coffee

If you drink coffee and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you need to rethink your daily habits. Both cigarettes and coffee can leave a smell that may result in bad odors in your mouth. Smoking also contributes to the spread of bacteria in your mouth.

  1. Leftover Food on Your Teeth

Leftover food particles, like that spicy dish full of garlic you just consumed, can leave an unpleasant smell in your mouth. Some food particles may even become stuck between your gums and teeth, which only add to the bacteria build-up. If you don’t have a brush or floss with you, chew on sugarless gum. This can help keep your breath fresh while on the go.

  1. Sinus and Throat Infections

Specific viruses may lead to infections of the sinus and throat. A common symptom of these conditions is bad odor coming from your throat. If your bad breath is accompanied by phlegm or sore throat, consult your dentist and schedule a visit to the nearest South Bend family dentistry office. You may need a round of antibiotics to relieve yourself of bad breath and discomfort.

  1. Digestive Issues

Stomach acids are helpful in breaking down food and ensuring proper digestion. Some people may experience stomach acid pushing up to their esophagus; doctors call this condition as gastroesophageal disease or GERD. This causes painful sensations and unpleasant smelling gas released through the mouth.

  1. Oral Health Issues

Oral health issues also play a role in bad breath. This may serve as a symptom for cavities, gum disease, or abscessed tooth. Visit your dentist to determine if underlying oral conditions are the cause of your stinky breath.

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A perfect smile is not just about having white, straight teeth. The overall health of your mouth matters and this includes having fresh breath at all times.

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