Millennial pet owner hugging her dogMillennials are notorious for pursuing a holistic lifestyle and achieving work-life balance. This extends to young people’s fondness for pets. They factor their fur babies’ welfare in their daily decision-making and routine. But this millennial mentality is not the only thing at play. The conveniences and innovations that sprung in the last decade have made owning a pet more satisfying and fulfilling.

More Pet Food Choices

There is now an impressive range of pet food on the market that buying pet food can be more confusing than buying for your own. There are choices for each kind of animal, breed, and size. They come in different flavors and nutritional values per serving. You can choose commercial or organic, factory-made or small-scale formulations, local or imported.

The advantage with commercial pet food is they are cheaper. Organic and all-natural are best for high nutrition needs, while locally made pet food is freshest. For example, dog food produced and bought in California is fresher than imported brands because the factory-to-market period is shorter.

Variety is a perk for pet owners who value their pet’s health above anything else.

More Pet Care Tools and Accessories

Grooming, cleaning and training pets are now easier thanks to cool accessories. Basics like beds, leashes and feeding bowls now have various versions. For example, we now have automatic food dispensers, retractable leashes, and “palaces” for cats and dogs.

More Shopping Options

Given the growth of the Millennial pet owners’ market group, more stores and supermarkets are now stocking food, bedding, and other necessities for pets. For those who want more variety and longer catalogs, there’s online shopping. Euromonitor International reports that online sales of cat and dog food increased by 15% in 2016 in the United States alone. As we all know, Millennials tend to prefer electronic buying especially if it comes with free delivery.

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All this would have seemed frivolous ten years ago. Learning more about domestic animals and their unique needs encourage pet owners today to provide what they can. After all, pets are family. They repay our love and care with furry hugs and sloppy kisses – and to a millennial, that’s payment enough.

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