A Woman EntrepreneurBecoming a successful woman entrepreneur can be extra challenging. You enter what remains to be a male-dominated world, and you’ll need a fearless attitude, unfaltering conviction, and determination.

The journey involves a series of mistakes and missteps before nailing the business. The difference between giving up and surviving, however, is getting advice from those who have done it before – and being smart enough to listen. Some well-known female entrepreneurs, such as Sara Blakely and Tory Burch, are known to be independent and stubborn, but a truly smart entrepreneur will pay attention to what others have to say.

With that in mind, who or where should you turn to for expert advice?

Other Successful Businesswomen

Turn to other successful female entrepreneurs for advice. You don’t have to talk face to face with one – you can simply go for the written word. Read Her Magazine, for instance. Many of the thought pieces here feature successful women leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and took the time to share tips for the growth and empowerment of aspirants like you.


Listen to the people you hired, too. Too many women leaders have a hard time delegating tasks and decision-making, as the company goes beyond the startup phase. As the company expands, however, decisions become more complex.

Your employees bring important ears, eyes, and ideas. So hire great people, trust them, and listen to them.


Investors will likely give you feedback, so listen. They have probably worked with businesses like yours and can recognize patterns a first-time businessperson wouldn’t notice. Not only will this boost your business, but will also help you maintain a positive relationship with the investors.

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You don’t have to have everything figured out right this second. By turning to your customers, investors, and other successful female entrepreneurs, you’ll gain valuable advice, and you can play to your own strengths.

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