Dental ProblemsEveryone suffers from dental issues at any given time in their lives. Regardless of how consciously you maintain your oral health, the smallest, shortest instance of neglect may quickly affect the state and integrity of everything inside your mouth. After all, this part of the body requires high maintenance.

Here are five of the most common dental problems you should know about.

Gum disease

One of the major tooth loss causes, gum disease affects so many of UK’s residents. Usually caused by plaque left to build up and accumulate, gum disease may lead to considerable damage and pain. Beware, as the longer you let plaque stay in your mouth, the greater the deterioration of your oral health.

Dental caries

More commonly known as tooth decay, dental caries develop due to the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. When plaque breaks down starch and sugar, it produces acids so powerful they may corrode the teeth’s hard protective layer known as the enamel.

Tooth sensitivity

Sometimes, tooth sensitivity occurs naturally in people. These individuals feel discomfort or even pain when consuming hot, cold or sweet food and beverages. They may even experience these unwanted symptoms when biting down gently. However, there are situations wherein natural sensitivity is not the cause. The Surrey dental practice Danny de Villiers Dentist says gum recession is a possible reason behind this occurrence.

Ulcers of the mouth

Although harmless, mouth ulcers may create a gateway for pain and discomfort during biting, chewing, swallowing and even speaking.

Bad Breath

Bad breath may result from a variety of causes. However, some people suffer from far more serious and persistent cases. Bacteria and cavities are common culprits of this condition. In more severe cases, the root cause is cancer.

It pays to be aware of the most common complaints when it comes to the teeth and gums.

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