New South WalesBranded the most populated state of Australia, New South Wales is a booming tourism paradise offering breathtaking sites, wonderful culture and interesting citizens. It features Sydney as one of its main cities, and it’s bordering Queensland and Victoria.

When you’re considering buying motels, think about the continuous influx of visitors to NSW. Other than the Sydney Opera House, here are some of the main reasons tourists and travellers frequent the state.

The Aboriginal Culture

Thanks to the old movies of ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’, the Australian aborigines got their moment of glory internationally. Many may not remember the films anymore, but these Australian natives continue to show off their skills in caring for the environment while sharing their knowledge about native herbs and medicine in Booderee National Park.

Aboriginal guides of Ngurra Bu still offer a tour of their significant cultural site, the Aboriginal Blue Mountain Walkabout.

Wine and Dine

Resort Brokers Australia says motels for sale in NSW provide huge profits, especially if you get a property situated near food establishments. Tourists try the award-winning wines and restaurants of NSW. Along with delicious food and drinks, there are venues in Hunter Valley, the Southern Islands and Mudgee that offer cooking courses and wine tasting classes for an affordable fee.

Be acquainted with the traditional eating habits of the Australian, such as afternoon tea, and fish and chips at the local pub. Or try out their version of international cuisine food fusion that mixes their own tastes with Mediterranean, European, Asian and other kinds of culinary offerings.

Beautiful Sceneries

Lush forests, a desert outback, high snowy mountains and clear sandy beaches grace NSW’s horizons. Some of these areas include the Avoca beach, Cooma and Lightning Ridge.

The possibilities for activities and sports are endless. Snowboarding, skiing, camel riding, scuba diving and surfing are only a few of the offerings in NSW.

It is interesting how a region can have diverse tourist attractions. NSW may just be that piece of heaven on earth. With these, it’s small wonder more investors are buying land and properties, especially motels.

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