Mouth With Perfect Teeth Mention the word braces to most people, and the image that probably springs into their mind is of a teenager with an awkward smile and a mouth full of metal. This is still a standard method for straightening teeth, and they are wearing what is known as a fixed appliance. The other type of brace which is widely available is known as a removable retainer. Whatever type of brace a person wears, the principle behind the procedure is always the same. All braces are designed to apply pressure to the patient’s teeth to move them into a better position.

There have been many improvements in the types of braces which are available now, many have been designed with adults in mind. There are both fixed and removable types, which often focus on correcting the alignment of just the front teeth. This type of brace is popular with many dentists such as Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent. Braces such as Six-Month Smiles and Invisalign offer patients a greater choice about the options that are available to them. All of these braces have been designed to be discreet, allowing their wearers to enjoy the prospect of straighter teeth without an embarrassing metallic smile.

Heading straight for the future

For many adults, straight teeth are something that they have resigned themselves to living without. In some cases, a person’s teeth may only be a little crooked and they were told that they did not need to wear braces as a child. In other cases, a person may have had their teeth straightened when they were younger but did not have a retainer fitted to keep them in place. A fixed or removable retainer is needed to prevent the teeth moving back towards their original position.

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The good news for adults who would like to have straighter teeth is that it is now easier than ever before to achieve this. Depending on the degree of tooth-straightening needed this can often be achieved in just six months if just the front teeth are treated. Having straighter teeth has never been more popular and for many people in Kent, braces are now helping to give them the smiles of their dreams.

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