Thinning Hair RemediesNot everyone has a head full of thick, shiny hair. To make matters worse, a lot of people are at great risk of thinning, even permanently losing their hair due to many factors, such as genetics, stress, family history, and age among several others.

When you experience thinning or receding hair issues, Hairy Bastard notes that it's good to know that your first counter measure is to know what causes it so that you can choose the best method to make each of your hair fiber a lot healthier.

What causes that thinning hair or receding hairline?

Up till now, the causes of hair loss, which includes thinning and receding hairlines remain a mystery. However, studies have shown links between this issue and genetics, hormones, familial medical history, and medication use.

In other words, when other people in your family also experience this problem, you can put the blame on genetics. Hormones also have shown a link to hair loss, so stress can trigger it. Medical conditions may also increase your risks. Lastly, some types of drugs, such as those for hypertension, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, and depression may also put you at higher risk for premature hair thinning or a receding hairline.

Getting started on making your hair healthier

The good news is, you do not have to suffer from these hair issues permanently. Thanks to advancements in hair restoration products and treatments, you can now begin making your hair a lot healthier. This is actually the key to preventing further loss. Once you have

Keratin-based treatments: One of your options

Hair loss, thinning hair, and receding hairline treatments for both men and women exist, and one of them is keratin. You now have plenty of options when it comes to incorporating the strength back into your hair fibers, and keratin- based products and treatments can help you achieve this goal.

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You do not have to suffer from loss of confidence just because you have hair problems. Explore your options, and you can have your confidence back in time.

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