TMJ DisorderFeeling pain in your body might be a normal thing for you. You do not fuss over a small headache or a little muscle pain. You know they will be gone after you have had a good sleep. Some types of pain, however, do not go away at night. Others may built up from small and barely noticeable sensations and grow into sharp pain that may keep you up at night.

This is true for temporomandibular disorders or otherwise known as TMJ disorders, states The Jaw Health Resource. Sometimes, you do not know you already have it because it is not commonly discussed. Here are some signs you might be experiencing TMJ pain.

Locking of jaw

The biggest indicator that you might be having his problem is lockjaw. Your mouth has to move fluidly for you to speak or eat properly. Those already experiencing TMJ disorders may once in a while find their jaws locked in together and difficult to open. It can be a scary experience and you may need professional help to get your jaw opening properly again. You will need hot and cold compress to relieve yourself of pain from lockjaw.

Clicking noise

It is not normal for your jaw to make a clicking sound whenever you open them. This type of noise commonly happens for patients when they open their mouths wide. Sometimes, it can happen only on one side of the face while others may have them on both sides. While clicking does not really do anything harmful, it can be annoying or scary to experience. Others may experience sharp pain along with the clicking noise. You might find your upper set of teeth also not fitting properly with the lower set.

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When you experience these symptoms, it is time that you seek the help of a medical professional. Leaving problems like this untreated may cause further damage to your jaw.

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