View of the island of Sentosa and Singapore to the seasideOne of the many great things about being an adult is having money to experience being a child again. That’s right; coming full circle in the journey of life means enjoying all manner of fun activities you couldn’t do as a child because of school and stuff.

Or maybe you have your kids you want to take along with you or something. Hey, any excuse to go traveling to these excellent places, right?

Florida, USA

Disneyworld might be the most famous attraction there, but don’t miss out on other kid-friendly activities the Sunshine State offers. The Florida Keys has water-based jetpacks that will surely make you scream with glee. For anyone who ever nursed dreams of being an astronaut, a trip to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral will make your heart go over the moon.

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Billing itself as “The State of Fun”, Sentosa has no shortage of attractions for kids. Parents shouldn’t feel left out though, as the iFly indoor wind tunnel, Segway tours, the zip-wiring park and lots of 4D rides are all family-friendly attractions. It doesn’t hurt that the whole place’s eco-park feel with its sprawling greenery is an incredibly soothing sight.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Zorbing originated from the land of movie Hobbits, which involves rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball. Most amusement parks feature activities like jet boat rides, pedal-powered monorail racing, and flying above a giant wind column.

Tombstone, Arizona

Despite the scary name, Tombstone is packed with authentic-looking Old West structures, perfect for reliving childhood cowboy playtime. It’s like traveling back in time, complete with dirt roads populated with horses and carts, and saloons with swinging doors. The OK Corral is perhaps the most well-known attraction, featuring re-enactments of Wyatt Earp’s gunfight with infamous outlaws.

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There are plenty of fun, family-friendly destinations across the globe offering different experiences that touch on various parts of childhood. If you have kids, it’s high time you fill their childhood with awesome memories.

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