Boy splashing down a water slideThrill seekers, adventure lovers, and water babies have made water parks the trendiest places to go to for fun under the sun. In many states, extreme water parks have opened to accommodate even bigger, higher, and wilder attractions. In New Jersey, a water park has become part of its breakwater beach attractions.

With tourism as the state’s second largest industry, it is not surprising that they’ve come up with more water attractions to draw in many local and foreign watersports aficionados.

But what exactly can you do at a water park? Read on to find out.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Inflatable structures used to be a popular setup for kids’ birthday parties. Nowadays, the bouncy rubber devices have been transformed into a popular attraction in water parks. The bounce castles had become bigger, sturdier, and more colorful to accommodate adults. Some inflatables are big enough for groups of people to jump, crawl, bounce, and slide.

Water parks observe safety regulations for inflatable structures, such as making sure guests don’t carry sharp objects that may puncture the inflatables. Weight and height restrictions are also enforced in some parks. Those who aren’t confident with their swimming skills are advised to wear life vests or jackets.

Giant Slides

The best water parks in the world are known for their giant slides. They aren’t just high; they are also steep and long. For thrill seekers, this is a combination of the best park attractions that defy gravity and bring in such an adrenaline rush. In some countries, guests are made to slide through tubes and land in a pool. Other variations include slides where people need a rubber raft to “surf” down in. There are also extremely long, curly slides that will take a few minutes to finish.

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Lazy Rivers

Water parks also have something for those who just want to relax and enjoy the water. Besides heated pools, there’s a so-called lazy river. You can just hop on a floater and let the slow, gentle current take you around the area. Sometimes, the river goes around a large area of the park, allowing you to see the different attractions. It’s also a good way to rest in between all the tiring activities in the park.

Water parks offer amusement, entertainment, and exercise. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones or friends since the parks have something for everyone.

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