HydrotherapyMany people use hydrotherapy to treat arthritis and depression, but is there any truth to the effectivity of this treatment?

Although therapy with water seems too good to be true, many studies have proven this treatment works. The theory behind it is that water contains properties with abilities to heal. It is used not only to treat diseases, but also for relaxation and maintenance of physical and mental wellness.

Presently, it is believed to be effective against stomach problems, nerve problems, sleep disorders and headaches.

How Hydrotherapy promotes better health

“Hydrotherapy is a natural therapy of heat, water and air that invigorates and massages the body while easing away aches and pains,” says Heavenly Walk In Tubs.

The three fundamental elements of hydrotherapy are heat, buoyancy and massage. Soaking in the heat raises your body temperature and leads to dilation of your blood vessels. This enhances circulation and blood flow.

Meanwhile, the buoyancy of the water makes you float, relieving tensions on muscles and joints and giving them an opportunity to loosen and relax.

Hydrotherapy also offers a natural and gentle massage. The sensation from the jet bubbles can relax the muscles and stimulate the release of your happy hormones, or endorphins.

Furthermore, hydrotherapy can facilitate the rehabilitation process in injury and stroke victims. It can treat infections in the respiratory organs. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties offer great amount of relief to patients with arthritis and rheumatism.

Is Hydrotherapy safe?

The main advantage of hydrotherapy is its own main component: water, the only substance that can’t hurt anyone. Under the right conditions, hydrotherapy treatment is safe.

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But you may respond to it differently than others, depending also on the length and intensity of the treatment. Before trying hydrotherapy, you should consult a doctor to discuss your medical history.

With a range of benefits and minimal risks, hydrotherapy continues to be a favorable treatment in the field of alternative medicine. Try it and experience the improvements yourself.

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