Children's Oral Health in LaytonEvery parent is very much aware of the basic things that children need, such as healthy food and an education. Merely spoonfeeding your children, however, is not enough. You should also help them learn how to take care of themselves, such as encouraging good oral health habits while young.

To make sure that your children are getting the oral care they need, the Layton-based dentists from Professional Dental suggest preventative care both at the dental office and at home.

At the Dental Office

The American Dental Association advises parents to start bringing their children to an oral health provider for “well-baby” checkups as early as twelve months old or when the first tooth comes in. This is because infant cavities and decay are prevalent and could potentially turn into a lifelong problem.

Don’t worry about dental checkups being a shock to your children, though. The first few visits normally consist of consultations and getting them comfortable. Afterward, the dentist will regularly clean their teeth, address risks to oral health, and if needed, help fix thumb sucking and assist with pacifier cessation.

At Home

Simply taking your children to the dentist every six months is not enough. You should also guide them in forming good oral health habits at home. Demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques is a must.

Furthermore, make sure to give them a well-balanced diet; modify their snacking and sugar intake and watch the beverages they drink, because acids from sugary and fruit-flavored drinks may attack tooth enamel. Promote yet control fluoridation to minimize the risk of tooth decay as well.

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As a parent, you have the obligation to provide for your children’s basic needs. By taking the time to inculcate important life skills and habits like good oral health maintenance, however, you are giving them so much more: things they’ll carry on into a successful adulthood.

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