woman looking at her face in the mirrorTo date, many flock to the Dead Seas shores with the purpose of bathing in the extremely dense and salty water and soak in the special mud for the treatment of various diseases.

Today, Kedma Skin Care Philippines brings the magic and the essence of the Dead Sea right to your doorstep. This is through premium Dead Sea cosmetic products that have been obtained on the lowest point on earth for your skin and body care.

Dead Sea Body Mud

The black mud extracted from the mineral-packed Dead Sea is 100% natural. The product helps through the absorption of oil and dirt from the skin while at the same time offering nourishment and stimulation of the skin through its minerals. It relieves pain in the joints and muscles, leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Hair and Scalp Mud Mask

This treatment mask helps in the restoration of essential hair elements lost through chemical hair treatments, such as coloring and bleaching. Additionally, the mask treats hair damage caused by excess exposure to the sun by restoring moisture and pH levels. The Dead Sea minerals fortified with essential oils also help with dandruff and hair loss issues.

Dead Sea Bath Salts

A warm bath with this unique sea salt relieves tension and stress by relaxing your tired muscles while stimulating blood circulation. This results in velvety soft skin with no blemishes due to the Dead Sea minerals present in the bath salts. These are available in several fragrances as well as in fragrance-free versions for all skin types.

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Depending on the concentration of Dead Sea minerals in a specific product, all skin types have reported a degree of improvement in various areas.

Besides the skin soothing and smoothening effects, the minerals also have anti-oxidant properties, which minimize oxidative stress on your skin. Medically, Dead Sea products heal rheumatic disorders, psoriasis and eczema, among other skin conditions.

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