engagement ringGetting a ring that fits is one of the hardest things to do when buying jewelry for your loved one — especially when you’re planning a surprise proposal! You won’t have the luxury of asking overtly about it and giving the game away. In other instances, your ring might fit initially but become loose after weight loss. A ring that is too big for your finger risks falling off and getting lost.

The good news is that you can get a ring’s size reduced at a jewelry repair shop in Salt Lake City like AAA Jewelers. A jeweler could also recommend using a sizer to reduce its size. Here are some of the types they might use.

Sizing Beads

Sizing beads reduce a ring’s size by half and keep it in an upright position on your finger. With this option, your jeweler adds the metallic sizing beads on the inner back part of your ring. The jeweler will have you try various types of sizing beads to get the most comfortable one for you.

Spring Inserts

Spring inserts are horseshoe-shaped and consist of a metal strip which lines a ring’s inner band’s bottom. They open up slightly to let your ring slip past your knuckle then spring back to fit snugly at your finger’s base. Though more complicated for jewelers compared to sizing beads, spring inserts are very comfortable and reduce the ring by a full size.

Fold-Over Devices

These will reduce your ring’s size by several sizes. Fold-over devices consist of a U-shaped bar soldered across the bottom part of your ring. The devices have a latch and hinge which are open and shut to hold your ring securely in place. Fold-over devices are very comfortable and the ideal option for excessively large rings.

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With the above options, you don’t need to stop wearing your ring because you are worried that it will fall off. Get an experienced jeweler to attach the sizers, so as not to interfere with your ring’s look. They are all inexpensive and do not affect the integrity of your band and stone.

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