Scene during a weddingMarriage is a big decision, but planning your proposal can be just as overwhelming. Before you ask the most important question, here are some minor ones you’d want to be answered first.

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

It’s time to end the notion that rings should be worth two months of your salary just because a diamond ad in the 1940s fooled everyone into believing it. Have a specific and doable budget in mind. Don’t force yourself to buy a ring you can’t afford.

Do I Need His/Her Parents’ Approval?

It’s not a requirement, but like a lot of things in marriage, there are many unspoken rules. Remember that they will be your in-laws and, for your partner’s sake, it’s best to be on good terms with them.

How Do I Know What Ring to Get?

Here’s where it gets tricky. Ideally, it should match your partner’s preferences. Since there are many aspects to engagement rings like the rock, its cut, the ring’s style and much more, it’s best to do your research.

The ring’s size is also important. Consider “borrowing” one of your partner’s rings and give that to the jeweler as a reference.

Also take note that since rings are an expensive piece of property, you want to make sure they come from certified jewelers and gemologists. Places like the Diamond District in New York are filled with jewelers who can help.

Will It Work Out?

Feeling nervous about a big (and costly) step is only practical. Knock on wood, but if things don’t work out, then maybe it’s not meant to be, or your partner needs more time before he or she is ready. Either way, the ring legally goes back to the buyer because it’s a conditional gift.

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Engagement rings and other logistics aside, what’s most important is that you’re sure about the person you’re asking to marry. You may not have the means to hold the grandest proposal ever, but if you’re sure your partner is the one, then everything else should be just fine.

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