leather bootsIf you love leather boots, you’ll know that the best ones tend to last a lifetime. And you need to them to last especially when you wear them as often as they do in Austin.

But finding the perfect pair doesn’t happen very often. So when you discover a good boot store in Austin, Texas, then you need to return to that same boot maker. It is easier to find quality boots, anywhere, if you know what to for and why you need to look for them.

Here are some qualities of great boots that you should know about:

There are different grades of leather

Not all leather boots are the same because there are different grades of leather; even synthetic ones are being labeled as “leather” in some stores. If you’re looking for good quality, keep an eye out for “Full Grain Leather” which will last you for many years. This kind of leather gets better with age and can stand up to real hard work at the farm or ranch.

Less desirable kinds of leather are “Top Grain,” “Genuine,” and “Bonded Leather”. Experts say scraps and bits just pressed together make up Bonded. Of course, “Full Grain Leather” boots will cost more than the other kinds, but it will be well worth it over time.

Boots are resoleable

Since you’re already investing in good quality leather, you might as well look for boosts that can be resoled. A machine can take care of resoling but a boot maker can also do the task. But not all boots are resoleable. The kind that can be, though, are more durable. Additionally, resoleable boots offer you extra foot support and comfort.

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If you’re buying boots in Texas, you have the privilege of buying from heritage brands. These are hand-made leather boots, which skilled artisans have crafted with methods that their fathers and grandfathers passed on to them. You’ll be able to wear them with almost anything and to practically any occasion.

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