GrandparentsDo you have a grandparent living with you at home? Would you like to make them feel more at ease? Well, there are plenty of small, simple ways that children like you can make them happy, as noted on

Give Help – Since they are much older, their bodies will not work as well as they used to. Reaching for things, lifting heavy objects, and even standing up to walk can be a burden. Give them a bit of freedom by bringing their glasses or their water to them so they do not need to move too much.

Have Conversations – Old people love to talk and have conversations with their family. However, adults can be so busy with work or playtime that they forget about granddad or grandma. Try to spend time talking to them through the day. The topics do not have to be big and intelligent. They can be about anything, like your day at school or their favorite shows when they were younger.

Remembering Appointments – The elderly person’s mind sometimes slows down. They forget important schedules like their appointment to the cardiology clinic, specific times they are supposed to take their meds or even important birthdays. You can offer to help them set their calendar alarms on their phones or even list down their appointments for them. That way, you can make sure they do not miss any important appointment they might have in Kanab.

Understand Them – There may be times when the elderly can become overwhelmed with emotions. They can get angry or confused. They may say mean things or push you away. It is not that they do not love you anymore. They just might be going through emotional stress or suffering from an illness. Do not try to get too close when this happens. Instead, just let the other adults handle the situation.

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As you understand the needs of your grandparents, you will also find better ways of helping them at home. If there is something you do not know, ask an adult, so they can assist you. Remember, your grandparents will always appreciate your show of love and affection.

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