Girl sunbathingYou’ve applied your tanning oils and now you’re letting the product do its job. Some tanning products take hours to develop, while others downright take the whole night. While you’re waiting for the full color to show, you should read up on how to keep your tan looking good for longer.


Tanning products often dry out the skin, which means you need to double up on the moisturizer to prevent your tan from cracking up and looking fake. Australian tanning products are great at giving you a natural glow, but it takes some maintenance to keep it looking that way. Especially if you’re heading to the sea, locking in that moisture allows the color to blend in with your skin. You also need to moisturize after you exfoliate, which you should do before going for a tan.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Whether you’re going for an organic tan or a fake bake, you need comfortable clothes that are easy to slide on and off for the tan to look even. For self-tanning jobs, loose clothing and kaftans with no tags can be handy. If you plan to sunbathe for that natural glow, make sure you can easily remove your clothing, as you move around in the sun to get a golden glow on each part of your skin. The last thing you want is to have weird tan lines due to your clothing choices.

Avoid Using Products Immediately After Tanning

Unless it’s a moisturizer that is not oil-based, you need to skip it for the next 24 hours. After that, you’re free to use your usual makeup and other skincare products. You may even find that you don’t need to apply as much makeup as you used to, all thanks to the natural glow your tan gives you.

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Your skin is a sensitive part of the body, and any tanning mistake can be a cause for regret for days or months. Prepare before, during, and after getting a tan.

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