Singapore city skylineThousands of people visit Singapore year after year, and many of them are young families with small children. And why not? Singapore is a wonderful country to visit for any age group. If you’re travelling with kids to Singapore, here are some things you need to remember so you can enjoy your time in the Garden City.

Be prepared for the “Singapore heat”

Singapore is quite hot and humid and the so-called “Singapore heat” can be discomforting for those who are unused to it.

In places like Sentosa, you need to find ways to protect yourself from the heat. You need to plan your time on the island resort you can have more time for fun rather than waste time in long queues for the island’s attractions and rides.

For many visitors, especially first-time tourists, they can buy a Sentosa fun pass promotion and tickets online from the Sentosa Online Store in advance. This way, you do not have to line up and buy tickets to your favourite attractions.

Stay hydrated

When you’re travelling with kids, you need to keep them hydrated. Bottled water can be quite expensive in Singapore so it’s advisable to bring a refillable water bottle and refill as much as you can.  There are many drinking water fountains all over the city-state, and refilling your water bottle with potable and clean water is no problem. 

Be mindful of the laws.

Singapore has many laws governing cleanliness in public places and public transport. In Singapore, it is considered illegal to let any person under 1.35m in height to be unsecured when riding in vehicles. First-time offenders can be penalised with a $1,000 fine or go to jail for three months. When you’re travelling with small children, use the appropriate car seats and make sure you follow the laws.

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Have Fun in Singapore

There are many cool places you shouldn’t miss in Singapore, and Sentosa is only one of them. If you’re planning to visit soon and bring your family, don’t forget these tips so you can have more fun in the Garden City.

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