Man prepared for his tripA trip to Israel might make you feel excited all of a sudden, and you cannot be blamed for packing your bags fast and booking the next flight to Jerusalem. However, it pays to be ready, lest you get the so-called culture shock.

Things to Remember about Israel

Before you get too excited about your LDS Israel vacation, here is some info about the Holy Land:

  1. There are three bodies of water worth visiting, and they’re all Instagram-able. These are the Dead Sea, Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. You can float, snorkel, or simply take pictures of the stunning horizon and waters.
  2. Visit the security barrier if you’re up for a challenge. This 26-feet high wall is the symbol of the division between Israelites and Palestinians. To an ordinary citizen and tourist, the Wall represents military and territory control. It’s a worthwhile spot to check out, nevertheless.
  3. You will learn many things about Bedouin hospitality and their traditions if you spend some time in the Negev Desert.
  4. Be prepared to reflect and see the crowd of believers in Jerusalem, where tourists like you are eager to see and touch the place where Jesus grew up. Most of the tourists here are on a religious pilgrimage.
  5. Tel Aviv is brimming with parties, a hipster community, and liberal customs. Also, called as the gay capital, Tel Aviv welcomes members of the LGBT community.
  6. Summers in Israel are humid and hot. Pack light and bring only clothes made of natural cotton. It is normal to wear a dress in this country and you don’t have to be covered from head to foot.
  7. B&Bs in Israel are awesome. Don’t forget to order chopped Israeli salad for a satisfied palate.
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Why Travel to Israel

Aside from the rich and meaningful culture that it’s proud of, you will be introduced to a healthy Mediterranean diet and a whole new look of Israel. This is something that is not written in the holy books. LDS Israel vacations are one of the best trips to have, especially during summer, so why not plan your trip beforehand.

Go ahead and pack, but don’t forget to bring your camera and your feelings since some places are better appreciated and experienced by the heart.

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